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Dear Parent/Carer,

High Beech is a unique learning community committed to providing a Christian based education for all its pupils. This is a school where children develop caring, confident and tolerant attitudes. It has a strong network of staff, parents, governors and children who work together to make the school a happy and vibrant place.

Our vision is to provide a high-quality education where children are able to realise their full potential and to secure their future as life-long learners. The beautiful forest setting offers an exceptional hands-on educational experience using the outdoor environment as a classroom to develop confidence and self-esteem.

This prospectus will tell you a lot about our school and I hope you will find it useful and informative.  If there is anything else you would like to know please do not hesitate to contact or visit us.








Mrs Sarah Roffey

Headteacher, High Beech Church of England VC Primary School

Admissions Procedure

The published admissions number at High Beech 2016-17 is fifteen.

There is no guarantee of a place for children living in the priority admission area. In the event of over-subscription, places will be allocated using the following criteria in the order given:

  • Pupils who, at the closing date for admission applications, are in the care of the local authority.
  • If the pupil at the time of admission has a brother or sister attending the school.
  • If, at the published closing date for admission, the pupil’s normal place of residence is in the school catchment area.
  • Those pupils living outside the catchment area.

In the case of over subscription in any one category ‘straight line’ distance between the pupil’s home and the nearest pupil entrance to the school, the pupils living closest will be given priority.

The LA also reserves the right, where there are exceptional medical reasons confirmed by independent evident from either a hospital or GP, to admit a child irrespective of the above criteria.

Agreement for children living in the priority area

The LA may offer places above the published admission number in the following exceptional circumstances:

  1. For infant classes at the class size limit: if the next nearest school with a space is not within a reasonable distance of the home address,
  2. Where the admission would not breach the infant class size limit; if the journey to the next nearest school with a space is not reasonable in terms of distance, accessibility or cost.
School History

The school was founded by the Church to provide education “according to the principles and practices of the Church of England”. The first entry in the earliest log book states, “Miss Liddiard took charge of the school on January 8th, 1866”. The incumbent of the Parish at that time was the Rev. Josiah Norton and the school was situated in Church Road.

The oldest part of the present school building dates back to 1882. The School Log shows that: “The New School Rooms, erected at Mr. Baring’s expense, were opened on Monday morning, 5th June 1882”. The next major building project took place in 1962, when water-borne sanitation was installed and a new classroom was built. A further classroom was added in 1965 and a demountable unit completed in December 1973, this has since been demolished.

Work on building a new hall started in 2002 and this was finally completed in April 2003. In May 2006 a new double demountable class base was added and an existing classroom was remodeled; this houses a library, SEN/ICT room and staffroom.

The school is set in attractive woodland grounds. There is a small hard-surface play area, which is being developed into a quiet area and a brand new all weather play pitch.

The school is a Church Foundation School and is owned by Trustees. It is controlled by the Local Authority, which has full financial responsibility for its maintenance.

The Church remains represented on the Governing Body. The Governors help with the smooth running of the school and foster links between the school, the Church and the local community.

School Organisation

The school is organised into three mixed-age classes and one foundation (reception) class.

Key Stage One

Acorn Class – Foundation children.

Willow Class – year one and year two children.

Key Stage Two

Oak Class – year three and year four children.

Silver Birch Class – year five and year six children.


Acorn Class teacher –
Willow Class teacher –
Oak Class teacher/SENCO –
Oak Class teacher –
Silver Birch Class teacher –
Headteacher –

Miss S. Nelmes
Miss L. Palmer
Mrs S. Beardsmore
Miss E. Gregory
Mrs. R. Humphrey
Mrs S. Roffey
Learning Support Assistants


Mrs S. Bateman

Mrs N. Friend

Mrs. J. Gooding

Mrs. M. Graham

Mrs B. Horton

Mrs J. Hudson

Mrs J. Kemp

Mrs. T. Lingfield

Miss G. Roffey

Miss L. Stavrou

Mr A. Kent                    – Caretaker

Ms M. Hendy              – Catering Manager

Mrs L. Livingstone      – Catering Assistant

Mrs S. Phillpot             – Office Manager

Mrs S. Melton             – Finance Manager

Governing Body
Sarah Roffey Headteacher
Rana Al-Falaki Parent (Chair)
Nicola Bacon Authority Co-opted
Louise Gunn Parent (Vice Chair)
Alison Hodgkinson Foundation DBE
Kevin Horton Parent
Nikki Luck Foundation PCC
Jonathan Martindale Parent
Sarah Nelmes Staff
Peter Walker Co-opted
Clerk: Janice Webber