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Sports and PE are an essential part of life at High Beech Primary School. Although we have limited facilities on-site to teach and participate in traditional sports activities, we aim to make the best of our amazing location, and use every opportunity to use the vast range of facilities within travelling distance.

We encourage all children to have an active lifestyle and take part in inter-school competitions and events. Many of our children play in local leagues and attend our sports clubs after school.

  • We have an annual sports day for both Early Years and KS1/KS2.
  • All our children from Y2 – Y6 swim weekly and most achieve a high standard.
  • We benefit from our membership of West Essex Sports Partnership which gives us access to competitions, facilities and expertise across a wide range of sports.

What is the Sports Premium?

The government is providing additional funding of £150 million per year from academic year 2013-2014 to 2017-2018 to improve the provision of physical education (P.E.) and sport in primary schools. This funding – provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport – is allocated to primary schools.

How we are spending the Sports Premium grant?

This year we received £16890

How the money will be spent Amount Impact on PE and sport participation and attainment
Membership of local sports partnership £1006 To ensure all pupils reach their full potential in a range of skills and games. The sports coaches will support all teachers in their PE lessons and take groups to ensure full participation at all times.
To contribute towards swimming pool hire and instructors £2350 To allow all children from year 1 – 6 to participate in high quality swimming lessons throughout the year.
Transport to local sports partnership events £1000 Since we have a limited site – children can participate in local competitions, festivals and sports day at the local secondary school.
Casablanca Gymnastics £1620 6 weeks each half term for all children
After school clubs £1500 Children can participate in a range of after school clubs such as football and netball so that they can take part in football, netball competitions.
Cycling – bikability £575 Children in year 5 and 6 improve their cycling skills.
Dance, kayaking coaches £2000 Children are coached in a range of sports on and off site.
Resources £2000 Auditing and purchasing of new lunchtime equipment and PE equipment for a range of sports
Purchase of adult-sized bikes for bike club

Maintenance of children’s bikes




Since some of our children require adult sized mountain bikes we need to purchase them so that all children in years 5 and 6 can participate.
Harlow Outdoor centre £740 Years 5 & 6  ½ day
Development of school site £3000 Update playground to incorporate netball posts, markings for various games, target practices.

How will this be sustainable?

  • We buy into our local SSCO, allowing us to access many competitions and events. This is sustainable to 2020 at the very minimum.