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Sports Funding 2018/2019

This year we received £16899

How the money will be spent


  Impact on PE and sport participation and attainment
Membership of local sports partnership £1006  To ensure all pupils reach their full potential in a range of  skills and games. The sports coaches will support all  teachers in their PE lessons and take groups to ensure full  participation at all times.
To contribute towards swimming pool hire and instructors £2350  As swimming is a life skill and an important part of the  curriculum, we allow all children from year 1 – 6 to  participate in high quality swimming lessons throughout  the year.
Transport to local sports partnership events £2000  Since we have a limited site – children can participate in  local competitions, festivals and sports day at the local  secondary school.
Casablanca Gymnastics £1643  We identified that the teaching of gymnastics was an area  in our curriculum that could be improved. Therefore all  classes attend 6 weeks at the Casablanca gym centre  where the specialist coaches deliver sessions in order to  develop our staff CPD.
After school clubs £1500  Some children are unable to access the after school  activities. As a result we set up clubs with coaches to  deliver sessions with the aim of engagement and to point t  them in the direction of local clubs.
Cycling – bikability £600  We identified a need to ensure that the children in years 5  and 6 are safer when cycling to school with the long term  plan of cycling more often. This links to our Healthy  Schools ethos. The bikeability course has improved their  cycling skills and made them more aware of the road  safety.
Dance coaches £2000  Another area of the curriculum that required staff CPD was  dance. A specialist dance teacher was used to teach and  also gave curriculum development to the staff. This has  allowed the children to participate in dance festivals  alongside other primary schools in the area.
Resources £2000  Playleaders are used to encourage other children to  become more activate. To do this, more lunchtime  equipment was required. Equipment was purchased for the  Whole School Sports Day so that all children could  participate.
Maintenance of children’s bikes £600  The school has a set of 15 mountain bikes that are used for  mountain biking sessions. These require annual servicing.  All children  in years 5 and 6 participate.
Purchase of PE Scheme of work and associated staff training. £1700  All the children in the school will participate in ‘Real’ PE    lessons which emphasise the teaching of PE skills. The  children can build on their own individual targets and  therefore all of them can reach their full potential.
Development of school site £1500  We identified that our children needed to develop some of  their basic skills. Consequently we updated playground  equipment in order for them to develop better co-  ordination and strength.

How will this be sustainable?

  • We buy into our local SSCO, allowing us to access many competitions and events. This is sustainable to 2020 at the very minimum.