Foundation Class Curriculum Provision – Summer Term 2016

Foundation Class Curriculum Provision – Summer Term 2016

During the first half of the term, our topic will be ‘Dinosaur Roar’. We will begin by learning about dinosaur eggs and then move on to finding out about different types of dinosaurs including their physical appearance, how they lived and what they ate. The children will then use this information to write their own dinosaur information book. We will finish the topic learning about fossils and how dinosaurs became extinct.

In the second part of the term, our curriculum topic will be ‘Under the Sea’. In the first few weeks of this topic we will focus on pirate and mermaid stories. Through these stories, we will concentrate on retelling the narrative, story language, the characters behaviors and the settings used. We will then begin to learn more about the creatures that live under the sea including their names, their habitats, what they eat and their location in the world. During this topic, children will develop their geographical understanding by learning about these creatures and the different seas/oceans of the world. This topic will include a trip to the Sealife Centre and beach at Southend, more details to follow.

We will continue to follow the Letters and Sounds Phonics Program – which now focuses on reading and spelling CCVC and CVCC words (such as trap and help) and simple words containing more than one syllable.

Three or four key words will also be introduced each week and flash cards sent home for pupils in their Letters and Sounds wallet which, again, should be kept in their book bag so that we can add new words. It would be beneficial to your child if recognition of these could be reinforced at home.

Children will continue to have individual adult led reading sessions as well as group guided reading sessions. Please may I take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of reading with your child and to encourage them to read to you regularly (not just once for each book).

Feel free to write any notes regarding your child’s reading in their Reading Record Book including particular words they may have found difficult or any comments they may have made about the story. These books are also a great form of  communication for us so if there is anything that you need to let me know, please feel free to write a message.

In mathematics, we will continue to focus on numbers 0 – 20 and beyond, while also covering areas such as estimating, addition, subtraction, doubling, halving, symmetry, measures and 2D and 3D shape.

Children will continue to take part in Forest Schools with Miss Bateman and Mrs Stavrou on a Wednesday morning so please ensure they have full waterproofs, wellington boots and a pair of thick/warm socks in school. Wearing school trousers, rather than dresses/skirts, would also be a good idea on these days.

Children will take part in physical development sessions on Thursday afternoons so please ensure that PE kits are in school for this day.