Acorn Class Curriculum Provision –  Summer Term 2019

Below I have outlined what I plan to cover this term so that you have a clear idea of what your son or daughter will be learning.

During the first half of the term, our curriculum topic will be ‘Superheroes’. As part of this topic we will look at the characteristics and powers of both superheroes and villains through reading lots of different Superhero stories. Through these stories we will concentrate on retelling the narrative, story language and also developing understanding of how stories are structured, thinking about what happens in the beginning, middle and end before writing our own superhero stories. As well as having a literacy focus, through this topic, we will also learn about how we can stay strong and healthy.

In the second part of the term, we will begin our next topic, ‘Under the Sea’. We will focus on pirates and mermaids to begin with and will read a variety of pirate and/or mermaid stories. We will then learn about pirate ships and some famous pirates and then use these to base our own pirate stories on.

We will then learn more about the creatures that live under the sea including their names, their habitats, what they eat and their location in the world. During this part of the topic, children will develop their geographical understanding by learning about these creatures and the different seas/oceans of the world.

We will continue to follow the Letters and Sounds Phonics Program – which now focuses on reading and spelling CCVC and CVCC words (such as trap and help), simple words containing more than one syllable (such as sunset and bedroom) and irregular high frequency words.

Children will continue to have individual adult led reading sessions as well as group guided reading sessions. Please may I take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of reading with your child, as well as going through their key words, and to encourage them to read to you regularly, daily if possible, (not just once for each book).

Feel free to write any notes regarding your child’s reading in their Reading Record Book including particular words they may have found difficult or any comments they may have made about the story. These books are also a great form of communication for us so if there is anything that you need to let me know, please feel free to write a message.

In mathematics, we will continue to focus on numbers 0 – 20 and beyond, while also covering areas such as estimating, addition, subtraction, counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10, measures including size, weight and capacity and simple word problems.

Children will continue to take part in Forest Schools with Mrs Connor and Mrs Stavrou on a Wednesday afternoon so please ensure they have full waterproofs and wellington boots in school. Wearing school trousers, rather than dresses/skirts, would also be a good idea on these days.

Children will continue to take part in physical development sessions on Thursday afternoons so please ensure that PE kits are in school and earrings are removed for these days.

I hope to see you at our Celebration of Work Evening  later on this term. Until then, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come and see me.

I hope this information is of help to you.