Class Two Curriculum Provision – Summer Term 2016

Class Two Curriculum Provision – Summer Term 2016

The theme for this term is The Olympics. Much of the work covered and the subjects taught will link to this topic. However, we will have a mini-topic during the week beginning 6th June which will focus on the Queen’s birthday.

In Literacy we will be looking at story writing, persuasive texts and shape poems.

As part of grammar we will cover possessive pronouns, apostrophes, commas and adverbial phrases. Children are encouraged to learn spellings using the look, cover, write and check method and be prepared for their test on Thursdays. Spelling lists are handed out on Friday. Children are also expected to read at home every night to an adult and recording it in their reading diary.

In Maths we will continue our work on counting and understanding number, using and applying, calculating, knowing and using number facts, handling data, measuring and understanding shape. Children are encouraged to learn their times tables for their test on Thursday. It is vital that children are confident with timetables and work on these regularly.

In Science we will be looking at states of matter. The children will find out about the properties of the three different states of matter: solid, liquid & gas. They will learn how to use thermometers, set up enquiries about matter changing from one state to another and study the water cycle. Finally, the children will investigate air as an example of a gas.

After half term we will be looking at forces and magnets. The children will identify pushes & pulls as forces & explore how things move on different surfaces. They will also find out about attraction & repulsion by magnetic forces & investigate which materials are magnetic. Finally they will look at compasses & uses of magnets whilst carrying out some enquiries using magnets.

In Geography we will be researching some of the countries participating in the Olympics. The children will become familiar with the location of these countries in the world, their climate and weather they experience and the infrastructure.  As part of I.C.T the children will then create a PowerPoint or leaflet based on their chosen country.

In Design Technology we will be making birdhouses/feeders. Children will investigate suitable materials in which they can create their box or feeder. Then, through their understanding of equipment, cutting and joining, they will construct their final product. These will be hung in Jakki’s Garden.

In Art we will be looking at the mediums of pencil and charcoal whereby the children will be taught how to sketch. Using this information they will do some real life drawing of a model in a sporting position. As part of sculptural art, pupils will create a wire model based on their sporting sketches.

Other information

On Wednesday 11th May, Class 2 we will be visiting the Emirates Stadium. Pupils will have a tour of the stadium, participate in sports activities on the indoor astro pitch and have a talk from young people who, as part of Arsenal’s employability programme, visited Brazil in order to take part in the Homeless World Cup.

The children will continue to have P.E on Wednesday afternoons.

Homework will continue to be given out on a Thursday and be expected to be completed by the following Wednesday.