Class Three Curriculum Provision – Autumn Term 2016

This term’s theme is Heroes.

In English, we will be learning some of the classic Greek myths, including the Odyssey, and then writing our own story in the same style. We will be reading and producing a variety of information texts linked to our topic.

We will learn grammar daily, initially focusing on revising parts of speech and different sentence structures.

Spellings will be taught and practiced within the class rather than being sent home to learn. Please find attached the Y5 and 6 word list for those parents who enjoy the extra opportunity to work with their children on these.

Maths will continue to follow the National Curriculum; this term I will concentrate on understanding of place value and the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.) For children who still do not know all their tables to 12 x 12, this is now a priority as it is difficult to access much of the Y5 or Y6 curriculum without this knowledge.

In History we will be studying the Ancient Greeks – their lifestyles, beliefs, military history and of course, myths, legends and heroes. As part of this we will be visiting the British Museum on Thursday 10th November – details to follow.

Science will be exploring characteristics of living things and how the human body works – relating this to some of the amazing achievements of our Olympic and Paralympic heroes.

In R.E., we will be learning about the foundational beliefs of Islam, and what happens in a mosque, moving into Christmas-related activities towards the end of term.

In Art, we will be working on still-life, and making representations of Ancient Greek pots.

PE –Swimming continues as normal, and we will be mountain biking on Mondays until the light fails just after half term. After that we will be working on dance.

Computing will see us creating our own blogs and updating them weekly.

Music will continue to be taught by Mrs Stearne, but this year on a Tuesday afternoon.



Homework will still be given out on a Friday for the following Friday. Your child will receive the following:

  • A maths task
  • Either a grammar or topic-based homework to learn
  • Times tables activity if they do not yet know them securely.

Homework will normally be available on the Class 3 blog (follow links from the school website) if you lose or forget it.