Silver Birch Curriculum Provision – Autumn Term 2017

Silver Birch Class Curriculum Provision – Autumn Term 2017

Below I have outlined what we expect to cover this term, and some useful additional information. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Our theme for this term is Space – may the forces be with you!

In English, we will begin with reflection writing linked to our RE topic, then move on to study H.G. Wells’s classic “The War of the Worlds”. We will begin with the original book, but will move on later to compare the various radio and film versions.

NB One of the film versions has a 12A certificate. The section we use in lessons is not particularly scary, but the children often then want to watch the rest of the film which does contain “sustained threat, menace and (very!) moderate horror”. If you would prefer your child not to see that section, just let me know.

We will then explore biographies, starting with Neil Armstrong, but moving onto other famous explorers and the children will write their own biography of an explorer of their choice. They will do some procedural and explanatory writing linked to their science work.

We will be maintaining a clear focus on spelling and grammar, as both Y5 and Y6 have an awful lot of content to cover in the new curriculum. One lesson weekly will be dedicated to this, along with a daily grammar or spelling starter to English lessons. We are also introducing a new handwriting scheme.

In Science, we will be exploring forces and motion, particularly gravity, friction and resistance, and solving the problem of how to launch a rocket. We hope to have a visit from a member of Hornchurch Rocket Club to give a practical demonstration. We will also be exploring how materials are changed to be more suitable for a task (e.g. manufacturing a spacesuit, or to make food suitable for space). The food elements will also cover part of our Design Technology curriculum. The other part of DT will be our rocket design project.

Maths will continue to follow the Inspire scheme, with one day a week dedicated to broader investigations and cross-curricular work.

In R.E., we are studying why some people are humanists, and what that means in their lives. We will learn about the Golden Rule, and discuss concepts of happiness. After half-term, we will be learning about some different ways that Christians understand the creation stories in Genesis 1 and 2, and how it relates to our science learning.

In Computing, we will learn how to use an example of app design software. We will use this later in the year to produce a real app, so it is important this term to master the basic skills.

Music will continue to be delivered by Mrs Sterne, Essex Music Specialist.

In Art, we will be learning about perspective and 3D effects, through collage, painting and drawing. We will make plaques based on the Voyager discs to communicate about our lives.

Other information

PE – We have swimming scheduled weekly, and will be learning handball in our Tuesday lessons. Please bring a full PE kit to school in case (including joggers and sweatshirt as the weather gets colder.) We will continue to run every morning, so please keep trainers in school.

Homework will be given out on a Friday for the following Friday. Your child will receive

  • Personalised mental maths practice
  • Short written maths task
  • Knowledge builder tasks – sets of facts to be learned, which will be tested on Friday. Children who have wider knowledge of the world have consistently better reading comprehension than those whose knowledge is limited. These tasks will boost your child’s general knowledge and understanding of the world.