Class Three Curriculum Provision – Summer Term 2016

Class Three Curriculum Provision – Summer Term 2016

In English, we will be drawing from some of the great American classics – Tom Sawyer, Little House on the Prairie and the Wizard of Oz. We will revisit biographies looking at the lives of Ben Franklin and Harriet Tubman, as well as non-fiction texts connected with American history and culture.

Our daily grammar focus will continue, focusing particularly on how to edit punctuation correctly (Y5) and test preparation (Y6).

Maths will continue to follow the National Curriculum; as we have covered the vast majority of the content for this year, we will now begin more investigative work aimed at helping the children understand these concepts in greater depth. We will also spend some time learning the Imperial measurement system (as most American websites continue to use this standard)

History and Geography will be our starting points for the USA study. We are going to have a quick overview of the main events in US history starting with the Native American tribes and moving through the Pilgrim Fathers, the War of Independence, the Wild West/Gold Rush, slavery and the Civil War. These are fantastically interesting events with some great stories and personalities so I’m really looking forward to it. In Geography, we are linking with 5 American elementary schools to carry out geographical comparison projects. We will use Skype and email (depending on the time zones) to ask and respond to questions, and find out a bit about life in different parts of the US today.

In R.E., we will be learning about the Jewish faith and how it is practised both in the home and in public worship. If anyone has any expertise or contacts with someone who would be prepared to come and talk to the class, or maybe host a visit to a synagogue, I’d be grateful if you could come and talk to me about it.

In Art, we will make dreamcatchers, totem poles, and a variety of American-themed art activities. After half-term, we will focus on our Andy Goldsworthy project culminating in an exhibition in Jakki’s Garden.

PE –Swimming continues as normal, and we also have the Swimming Gala on 8th July. We will be working on athletics and cricket skills in Friday lessons with the possibility of something new after half-term (watch this space!).

Music this term is for Y6 only as Y5 had their time last term.


Homework will still be given out on a Friday for the following Friday. Your child will receive

  • Weekly spellings to be learned for a test on Friday. You will have words that follow a rule, and also selected random words from the government’s Year 5 and 6 word list. Year 6 have extra words because they have to master the whole list this year.
  • An online maths task – Abacus or mathspace (account details to go out next week)
  • Topic homework – initially map work then personal research. A useful website is


The Y6 test week is the week beginning 9th May. Until that time, I will continue to prioritise revision to ensure the children are as well prepared as possible for the tests.

Please feel free to send your Y6 child to the revision clubs on Tuesday morning or Thursday after school if you think they need extra help.

Forest School

Y5 are going to have a weekly Forest School session on Friday mornings. Please ensure they bring appropriate clothing (wellies, raincoats, sunhats) as required.

We may expand this to include Y6 after half term.