Silver Birch Class Curriculum Provision – Spring Term 2018

Silver Birch Class Curriculum Provision – Spring Term 2018

A happy New Year to you all, and welcome back to High Beech. This term, our main study focus will be the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings – how dark were the Dark Ages?

We will begin the term with a short science unit on evolution and adaptation. I know this topic is of great interest to a number of the children who are particularly knowledgeable about animal breeding and care.

In English, we will enjoy the Saxon legend of Beowulf (mostly Michael Morpurgo’s translation), exploring different techniques for powerful descriptive writing. We will also read some Viking myths and legends later in the term, as well as information writing connected to our topic work.

After half-term, we will be reading “Wolf Brother” by Michelle Paver, alongside ongoing daily grammar and spelling work.

Maths will continue to follow the Inspire scheme. For Y5 this will cover 24hr clock, area and perimeter of complex shapes, and multiplication and division of fractions. For Year 6, we will finish off the KS2 curriculum with angle rules, algebra and advanced ratio problems, then spend some time consolidating our knowledge, applying it in new problems and practising test technique.

I have noticed some weaknesses in speed and accuracy in basic skills, so we will be continuing our daily arithmetic focus session in order to practise these more regularly.

History and Geography are the main focuses of the Anglo-Saxons topic, as we explore why people move to settle in other places, how they lived in that environment, and the effect these changes had on the countryside, language and culture we live in today.

As part of the topic, we will be visiting Celtic Harmony Iron Age village to learn about how people lived and farmed in our area. (This will be Thursday 22nd March). We will be learning how people made clothes, houses, tools and food without the aid of modern technology, and how historians learn about a time when so little was written down.

In R.E., the first half term’s work will be learning about how Hindus understand the idea of God, and comparing this both to Christianity and to other beliefs that the children have studied. The second half will focus on the events leading up to and including Holy Week.

In Art, we will do observational drawing, illustrated manuscripts and water colours, focusing on painting in detail. We will complete cross-stitch designs.

PEOn Friday afternoons, we will be going to Casablanca for our gymnastics work. For the first half term, we will be working on ball handling skills using a variety of games. This may be indoors or outdoors depending on the weather, so please send the children prepared for either on a Tuesday. Mountain biking will commence again after half-term (weather permitting).

SATSWe have reached the time of year where Year 6 need to spend some time focusing on the skills and techniques they need to do well in their standardised tests in May. Obviously in a mixed-year class, this can be a little complicated, as year 5 do not need the same thing. For that reason we will be providng these opportunities for Year 5:

  • Mrs Roffey will be teaching the Year 5 for an hour a week
  • Year 5 will be participating in an opera project together with Year 4. This will involve three mornings of focused work with a visiting specialist, culminating in a performance in Saffron Walden on Wed 28th