Silver Birch Class Curriculum Provision – Spring Term 2017

Silver Birch Class Curriculum Provision – Spring Term 2017

For the first half term we will be learning about Japan. We will be exploring earthquakes and volcanoes in geography, samurai and ninjas in history and also learning about modern Japanese life including cooking, kite making, computer game design and hopefully some karate (dates to be confirmed).

In English, we will produce a variety of information texts linked to our topic. Our class books will be Kensuke’s Kingdom and Way of the Warrior (both of which have a Japanese historical connection) and we will do a short unit based on Hayao Miyazaki’s acclaimed film “Spirited Away” and write a story inspired by this.

We will continue to learn grammar and spellings as part of our daily routine.

In the second half, our project will be based around our local geography and particularly the living things that surround us. For science, we will cover classification of living things and life cycles of plants, animals and microorganisms. We will read and imitate Kipling’s “Just So Stories” and sections of the “Jungle Book”. PSHE will cover risk and safety.

In R.E. the children will be learning some of the key stories from the Bible and how they work together to show a longer narrative.

PE –Swimming continues as normal, and we will be focusing on gymnastics skills for the first half-term and invasion games for the second. We have also had an offer of some introductory karate teaching – I will confirm the details once they have been agreed. We are (mostly) continuing to enjoy our mile-a-day run. If your child is sick or injured, please could you write me a quick note to explain exactly what they are allowed to do and for how long, so that I can be fair to them!

SATs preparation changes

Each year, we find helpful to split the children into their separate year groups for a couple of sessions a week in order to enable me to prepare year 6 for their exams in May.

Our aim is to ensure the best possible teaching for both cohorts.

  • As last year, Mrs Sterne has agreed to split the year groups for music. Thus year 5 will have a term of intensive music this term, and year 6 will have their turn after Easter.
  • After half term, we also be giving year 5 an extra session of Forest School (we’ll let you know when wellies are required). The current year 6 really enjoyed these when we did the same last year.
  • We are extra-lucky this year, as Mrs Roffey has very kindly been able to find the time to teach year 5 separately for maths this term. This very small class size should help all the children to make even quicker progress, and benefit both years.


Homework will still be given out on a Friday for the following Friday. Your child will receive the following:

  • A maths task
  • Either a grammar or topic-based homework to learn
  • Times tables activity if they do not yet know them securely.
  • I have also given the children today a “take-away” homework sheet from which I would like them to choose ONE activity and do it before half-term. Enjoy!

Homework will normally be available on the Class 3 blog (follow links from the school website) if you lose or forget it