Willow Class Curriculum Provision – Summer Term 2019

We hope that you had a wonderful Easter break.  We are really looking forward to the summer term and all the interesting topics that we will be exploring!  During the first half of the summer term, our topic will be ‘Castles and Knights’.  We will be looking at different types of castles, considering how they were built and the reasons for their different structural features.  We will be learning about the types of people who may have lived in castles during the middle ages, including knights.  During the second half of the summer term, our topic will be ‘Holidays’. We will be finding out about the different locations in the UK and around the world where people may go on holiday, and what they might see there.  We hope to have lots of good weather during the summer term, so some of our learning can take place outdoors!  Please remind your child to bring in their water bottles, which they can drink from throughout the day.

In English this term, we will be covering both fiction and non-fiction.  Year 1 will be writing stories, poetry and reports which relate to our topic.  They will ensure their sentences make sense by using the ‘think it, say it, write it, check it’ method, and will continue to use full stops, finger spaces and capital letters.  They will add question and exclamation marks to their writing and will learn about plural forms and suffixes.  Year 2 will also be writing stories, poetry and reports linking to our topics and will incorporate a range of punctuation including apostrophes and commas.  They will add interesting words to their writing such as adverbs, words with suffixes and a wide range of adjectives.

In maths, year 1 will be looking at numbers to 100 and the place value of these numbers.  They will then learn about money.  This unit will include looking at the different coins and notes in use in this country and adding coins together to find a total. They will then explore paying for items and calculating change, by subtracting amounts.  They will continue to revise key concepts such as counting in different ways, addition and subtraction, doubling and halving.

In preparation for our maths tests in May, year two will be consolidating what they have learned over the academic year.  They will be practising arithmetic daily.  This will involve column addition, column subtraction, multiplication, division and missing number calculations.  They will revise key concepts such as time, fractions and properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Science work this half term will relate to the seasons.  Pupils will explore changes in weather throughout the year.  They will learn how the length of the day varies and will take part in practical activities to record the different types of weather.  In computing, willow class will be using the school IPads to enrich their learning.  They will learn how to operate the IPads by identifying the buttons and their different functions.  They will learn how to use them safely and will access a variety of educational apps related to our units of work.  Willow class will be developing their learning of music through daily singing sessions and use of percussion instruments.  We have a range of songs which link to our topics which we are really enjoying singing! We will also be practising all the songs which will form part of the music festival in July.  PE lessons will take place on Wednesdays. This term, our focus is ‘Athletics’.  We will be learning a range of games and activities to prepare us for sports day.  We are also fortunate to be visiting the new swimming pool in Waltham Abbey every Thursday.

This term, statutory assessments will be taking place in years 1 and 2.  Year 1 will take part in the Phonic Screening Check during the week commencing 10th of June.  This is a compulsory, national test for all children in year 1.  Each child will read 40 words to their teacher, which will be a mixture of real and ‘alien’ words.  The teacher will feedback to parents regarding their children’s score and whether they completed the check successfully.  If your child does not pass the check, they will retake it in year 2.  To support your child, please hear them read their reading book daily, read the words on their year group word list and complete the phonics homework which will be sent home weekly.  If you would like to discuss this further, or would like to know how your child has scored on practice checks, please let us know.

Year 2 will also be sitting tests in May.  There is no test in writing, as this is assessed by looking at a range of writing evidence throughout the year.  For reading, year 2 pupils will sit two papers.  The papers will contain short texts for pupils to read, and questions to check their understanding.  This will happen during the week commencing 6th May.   During the following week, pupils will take part in maths tests, which will also consist of two papers.  The first will cover arithmetic and the second will cover maths reasoning.  To support your children, please look at the practice papers which will be sent home, and go over any incorrect answers.  It is also really important to read with your child daily.  We will try our best to ensure the tests are not stressful for the children.  They will have plenty of time to complete them, and will have regular breaks.  The year 2 children are really enjoying the test preparation that we have been doing so far! If you would like any further information, please let us know.

Thank you for your ongoing support,