Class One Curriculum Provision – Summer Term 2016

Class One Curriculum Provision – Summer Term 2016

The topic this term will be ‘The Great Fire of London’. There will a trip to the Tower of London after May half term which parents will receive more information about nearer the time.

History:  Children will be sequencing the events which led to the significant event in British history. They will research and discuss the various reasons as to why the fire started and the changes that occurred in London as a result of it. Children will learn about the introduction of the Fire Brigade and how it has changed and developed throughout history. They will learn about the Plague; the reasons for it, how it spread, how it was treated and the number of people affected.

Science: Children will investigate which materials would be most suited for a variety of purposes and work in groups to test their predictions, presenting their results in writing and graphs. Children will learn about fire safety and use this awareness to create an information page on the dangers of fire. They will explore and describe the changes which occur to everyday materials when they are heated or cooled and make simple comparisons during practical investigations.

Geography: The main focus in Geography will be on the changes which occurred to the city of London as a result of the Great Fire of London. Children will be comparing the landmarks of London from past and present and use this knowledge to plan and create a 3D model of the city of London in D&T lessons.

Numeracy: The following areas will be covered in Numeracy lessons over the next term:

– Problem solving using addition and subtraction

– Problem solving using division and multiplication

– Measuring capacity and temperature

– Money

In addition to these, children will have daily Mental Maths sessions in which they work on their mental arithmetic skills involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Literacy: The Great Fire of London is a fantastic topic for children to develop their writing skills and we will be covering a range of genres throughout the term. They will learn the features of and write in the following styles:

  • Newspaper Reports
  • Letter writing
  • Diary entries
  • Poetry
  • Story planning and writing

In addition to this, children will continue to have daily Phonics, handwriting and grammar sessions. These sessions play an integral part in supporting children to become more confident and able writers.

Children will continue to read with an adult twice a week. As always, please continue to read with your children at home regularly.

R.E: We will be continuing to explore the theme of ‘Special ways of living’ in which children will discuss the way our actions affect the wider community. They will work collaboratively to develop a plan on what they can do on a local level to support global environmental aims.

Computing: This terms topic is called ‘We are games testers’ in which children will be exploring computer games such as ‘Scratch’.

Art, music and design and technology

As mentioned earlier, children will design and build a 3D model of the city of London. They will work both independently and collaboratively to plan the layout of their model, the materials they will need and the methods they will use.

They will also have opportunities to use charcoal to create pictures of a typical Tudor house which will provide part of our Class topic display.

Class One will continue to have weekly Music lessons with Mrs Stern on Friday mornings and in the later part of the term children will participate in a Music festival alongside other local schools. Parents will receive further information about this nearer the time.


Children will continue to improve their ball skills and play games that require simple decisions on using space to avoid opponents and score points.  Our P.E lesson will be on Tuesday afternoons (also on Thursday mornings for Year 1’s.)

Year 2 children will continue to take part in swimming lessons every Thursday morning.


Homework and spellings will continue to be handed out on Fridays. The homework given this term will be Numeracy and a grammar focused Literacy homework.