Willow Class Curriculum Provision – Spring Term 2020

Autumn Term in Willow Class

 Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back.  We hope that you had a lovely Christmas!  We are looking forward to another exciting term in Willow Class.  Our new topic is:


Throughout this term, we will learn to identify where the Arctic region is located on a world map and we will identify its features.  We will find out about the animals and people who inhabit the Arctic Circle and compare this region to the UK.  Willow class will practise using maps and will learn to locate the world’s seven continents and its oceans.


Our English work this term will link to our topic; we will be creating reports, stories and poems relating to the Arctic. Year 2 will continue to look at using punctuation in their writing such as question and exclamation marks, commas and apostrophes.  They will learn how to make their writing more interesting by using a range of different sentences types.  Year 2 will also be looking at words with suffixes such as –ful, -ly and –ness, which will form part of their spellings, and will use these words in their writing where possible.  Year 1 will continue to write sentences with capital letters and full stops, and will use ‘and’ to join clauses.  They will also learn how to use question and exclamation marks correctly.  Year 1 will be taking part in daily phonics sessions and will learn all their phase 5 sounds (gold sounds) which will help them with their reading and spelling.  Spelling tests will take place every Friday.  Please help your child to practise their spellings at home. A good method to use is ‘look, say (t-h-e spells the), cover, write and check’.  Please also remember to read at home with your child daily and to discuss the book, as this will really support their reading fluency and comprehension.  We will be using a chart in the classroom to record home reading and there will be rewards for children who remember to read regularly.


Willow class will continue to follow the Inspire Maths Programme this term.  Year 1’s units are as follows: addition and subtraction within 20, shape and pattern, ordinal numbers, length and mass.  Year 2 will be focusing on using bar models, multiplying and dividing, measure, fractions and time.  Throughout the term, year 2 will practise completing maths papers for their end of year arithmetic and reasoning tests which they will sit in May.


During science lessons this term, Willow class will be looking at habitats.  This will include learning about things which are dead, living and those which have never been alive.  They will look at animals and plants in arctic habitats and how they have adapted to suit their environment.  Children will explore simple food chains.  Their second science unit will involve learning all about animals.  Children will find out about different types of animals, including arctic animals and also humans.  They will match offspring to adults and describe what living things need to survive.

Foundation Subjects

We have two new and exciting PE units this term: Journey to the Blue Planet, which involves jumping and landing, and Moon Adventure, during which children will learn to play a variety of games using balls and ropes. In our RE lessons, we will be looking at special places of worship for a range of religions. We will also exploring the meaning of Easter for Christians.  As part of our Arctic topic, we will be thinking about ecology, and how we can all play our part in helping to look after the environment.  We will be creating art work inspired by arctic landscapes such as pencil drawings and collages.  In Willow class, we really believe in the many benefits of singing and music, and enjoy taking part in daily singing sessions.  We will be singing a range of special songs this term; some traditional children’s songs and also those which are inspired by classic children’s films. Please let us know if you would like a copy of the song lyrics to sing with your child at home!


Year 1 pupils will take part in the ‘Phonic Screening Check’ during June.  This is a reading test which year 1 children will complete with their class teacher.  We will continue to work on phase five (gold) sounds and will take part in phonics games which will prepare children for the check.  For more information, please attend our parents meeting on the 17th March.  Year 2 will be sitting their end of year papers during May.  We will be carrying out lots of practice in the class beforehand to ensure children are ready.  More information will be shared in the parents’ meeting on Tuesday 21st January.