Willow Class Curriculum Provision – Autumn Term 2017

Willow Curriculum Provision – Autumn Term 2017

Below I have outlined what we expect to cover this term, and some useful additional information. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Our theme for the first term is ‘Castles’. In Literacy, children will be using various castle related non –fiction books such as ‘The Princess and the pea’ by Hans Christian Anderson and ‘Ssh!’ by Sally Grindley as a basis for their writing. Children will be using the ‘Think, say, write, check’ strategy when planning, writing and evaluating their work to ensure accuracy. We will be maintaining a clear focus on Spelling, grammar and handwriting. Children have started to learn how to form continuous cursive letters. These letters flow rhythmically from left to right, aiding the speed and fluidity of the writing. All children will read twice weekly, in both a 1: 1 and group reading setting. Please ensure you continue to read with your child daily, using the prompt questions which are printed in the front of the new reading records.

This year spellings will not be sent home, instead each child will be given a list of spellings at the start of the week based on the sounds which they are learning in their phonics groups. They will practise these during the week and be assessed on them on Fridays. To ensure that parents and carers are aware of the high frequency words your child is required to learn by the end of KS1, I have attached a list for your reference.

In Maths we will be continuing to work from the Inspire Maths programme. Year 1 children will begin the programme on the number unit in which they will build upon their knowledge of addition and subtraction using concrete-pictorial-abstract and scaffolding approaches. Year 2 children will be starting the term by learning about mass. They will be measuring and comparing the weight of objects using non – standard and standard units of measure. There is time allocated each day for children who are finding a concept challenging to have follow up work with a teacher or learning support assistant to ensure all children meet their full potential.

In Science Year 1’s first topic is ‘Identifying materials’ in which children will be identifying and classifying everyday materials. They will work collaboratively to perform simple tests using equipment and be able to record this data. Year 2 will be building upon their knowledge of materials from Year 1 and in the ‘Changing shapes’ unit children will be exploring the different ways in which solid objects can be changed by applying different skills to them. They will develop their scientific enquiry skills by thinking of different ways questions can be answered and how these answers can be recorded.

In R.E Year 1 children will be studying Special People. Children will explore why they themselves are special, why others are special and why Jesus is so important to Christians. After half term they will also find out about Special People within the Hindu religion and explore the Hindu festival of Diwali. Year 2 will be discussing places which are special to them and learning more about why churches are a special place for Christians, particularly at certain times and festivals throughout the year such as the Harvest festival. After half term they will learn about the Jewish festival of Sukkot and the symbolic meaning of it within the Jewish faith.

In Computing we will become treasure hunters! We will be programming Bee bots to move by giving them a set of instructions, creating simple programs.

Music will continue to be delivered by Mrs. Sterne, Essex Music Specialist on Fridays.

P.E lessons will take place on Thursdays and Fridays. Please bring a full PE kit to school with your child’s name written inside (including joggers and sweatshirt as the weather gets colder.)

This term in dance children will be using their bodies to create different shapes and sizes. They will also create actions and movement patterns to indicate different stages of castle related stories.

Year 1 will take part in Forest school each Tuesday afternoon and therefore need to bring in suitable clothing and boots as they did in Acorn class with their names on by Tuesday 19th September.


Homework will be given out each Friday to be handed in on the following . Each child will receive English and Maths homework that will be focused on what they have been learning that week.

Please continue to read with your child each day and use this as an opportunity to build their understanding of the text.

Additional Information                                                                                                                                                                    


It would be helpful if each child could bring in a named plastic water bottle each day which they will keep in class to ensure they remain hydrated and will take home each day to be cleaned and returned the following day.


Children are not allowed to bring in toys to school. We have a rotation system in place in which a different learning group is allowed to bring a small toy/object into school on Friday for Show and tell. Your child will be informed the day before if they are allowed to do so.

However, please ensure it is something that can fit in their book bag and is not too valuable (i.e. ipad etc.)