Willow Class Curriculum Provision – Spring Term 2018

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break and would like to wish you a happy new year. Willow Class’s first topic this term will be ‘Going Green’ and will be an opportunity for children to learn how to care for the environment.  After half term, our topic will be ‘Funnybones’, which will include a study of the book Funnybones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg and will also include science activities relating to the human body.

During the first two weeks back after Christmas, Willow class will be looking at the film The Snowman by Raymond Briggs in their English sessions.  They will be retelling the story and making predictions.  Children will look at different classes of words and find out how to add adventurous verbs, adjectives and adverbs to their writing to make it more interesting. They will then look at writing information texts based on ecology.  While reading the text Funnybones, Willow class will look at a range of stories by the same author.  They will then read some scary stories, and consider how authors create a frightening atmosphere. Children will also learn how to read and write a simple play script.

In maths, we will continue to work from the Inspire Maths programme. Year 1 will learn to add and subtract numbers to 20. They will also be looking at length and will compare the length of several objects.  Children will then create simple pictographs.  Later in the term, their calculation work will progress to addition and subtraction to 40.  Children will then look at simple multiplication, as repeated addition, and explore the concept of sharing a group of items fairly.

Year 2 will be continuing their work on multiplication and learning to multiply by 4,5 and 10.  They will also practise simple division and explore the relationship between division and multiplication.  Children will look at measurement, length in particular, using metres and centimetres.  They will then study mass (grams and kilograms) and money.  After the half term holiday, year 2 will explore simple fractions, learn to tell the time and create graphs.

Science work this half term will relate to materials.  This unit links well with our topic ‘Going Green’, as it will involve looking at the qualities of materials such as plastics.  Pupils will discuss the properties of various materials and sort objects into a range of categories.

Our RE unit will be ‘Special Words and Stories’.  Children will find out more about the Bible and why it is special for Christians. Children will also learn about a special scroll for Jewish people which tells the biblical story of Esther. They will find out about the Guru Granth Sahib and why is it important for Sikhs.

In Computing, Willow class will be creating images based on our topic though use of drawing programs.  We will learn to use different tools to create pictures and will also learn how to store the images we make.

Willow class will be developing their learning of music through daily singing sessions and use of percussion instruments.

PE lessons will take place on Wednesdays. Please ensure children bring a full PE kit to school with their name on. This term, our unit is ‘Dance’.  We will be learning a range of dance routines and will also take part in traditional dances inspired by The Snowman.

Year 1, and now also year 2, will take part in Forest school each Thursday afternoon and therefore need to bring in suitable clothing and boots with their names on.

Lots of children have been trying really hard to learn all the words for their year group.  Thank you for helping them to practise!  They will all receive a special certificate when they can read these words correctly.  We are also encouraging children to read at home regularly.  We have a chart in the class where children can record when they have been reading.

Thank you for your ongoing support,