Friends of High Beech School

A Quick Intro..


     The Friends of High Beech School support the school in a number of ways…


Raising Money

In recent years, we have funding audio visual equipment, kitchen facilities, classroom equipment, school outings and class activities.


School Life

We organise school events for children and for their parents, which add to the overall life of the school.  Last year we organized:

School Disco, Film Night, Christmas Fayre,

Christmas Party, Pancake Day, Mothers’ Day Tea,

Fathers’ Day Breakfast, Summer Fete, Camping Trip

and more


How it works


We are a small school, with about 75 families overall. We are not really big enough for a formal committee and structures, so it is very informal.

We have meetings once or twice a term, which are open to everyone.

Different people lead or help with particular projects, so we spread the load. Some people don’t want to attend meetings, but want to help out at events or take on a specific role. Some people have great ideas about new things they want to do, and we welcome this and can support you to take these forward.

This spreads the load and means you can get involved as much or as little as you wish.

You can get involved by…


Joining our email group to keep up with what is going on

email or

to join the group)


Come to our meetings if you can


Volunteer to help out at an event by letting your class rep know.

Friends of High Beech School